20 Sep 2013

Buying Tips for Home Office Furniture

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More and more people are working virtually from home. We’d like to share these helpful tips on purchasing home office furniture. Make sure to stop by our showroom after reading! Our friendly sales staff is sure to get your home office comfy and ready to be productive!

Office desks: When you’re shopping for a new office desk, take time to consider how you plan to use your desk. If you keep all your documents on your computer and use very little paper, then you may want to buy a very simple computer desk with a minimum of compartments. If you plan to use your home office for a variety of different things, from playing video games to running a home business, then you may want to consider a sturdier office desk with a lot of extra space for papers and office supplies. Once you have decided what your needs are and which kind of desk you want for your home office, take time to look at the different models that are available. All-wood desks are usually the most expensive, but they are very attractive and sturdy. Metal computer desks are durable and affordable and typically go well with modern home office decor. Press board and plastic desks aren’t as durable as wood or metal desks, but they are very affordable, perfect if you’re shopping for a student office.

Office chairs: There is a good chance that you’re going to spend a lot of time in your home office, probably sitting in an office chair, so you want to find a chair that works well for you. Finding the right office chair isn’t as easy as simply finding a chair with a lot of padding; there are several different factors that go into making a good desk chair. A good desk chair will swivel, allow you to adjust the height of the chair, have adequate padding and offer support in the places you need it most. Nearly all office chairs swivel, so that won’t be a difficult feature to find, but make sure that the chair you get will allow you to adjust the height so that it’s comfortable for you. Ideally, when you’re sitting in your office chair with your feet flat on the floor, your thighs should be parallel with the ground. You will want your office chair to have padding, but you don’t need a lot. What will make the most difference in the comfort of your chair is whether or not it is ergonomic, meaning that it molds well to the contours of your body. Your office chair should curve in at the lower back to support your lumbar and should offer enough curve in the seat to avoid pressure points.

File cabinets and storage: While home computers have helped decrease the amount of paperwork you need to have in your home office, papers still stack up, and eventually you will want a file cabinet in your home office, even if it’s just a small one. File cabinets keep your important papers organized and protected. When you’re looking at filing cabinets, decide how much space you will need. If you only have a few files you need to store, you may be able to buy a short filing cabinet that has one filing drawer and a couple regular drawers on top of that. If you need more space than that, you can buy file cabinets that are short but long or file cabinets that are tall, offering four drawers in which to store your files. File cabinets aren’t the only type of storage you may need in your home office. A solid wood bookshelf may be perfect for storing your book collection, and a small slotted desk organizer may be a great way to help you organize documents you’re currently using. You may be surprised at how many home office storage solutions you can find that suit your specific needs.

Office tables: Home office tables can serve a number of different uses. If you want a desk for your computer but aren’t interested in the drawers and weight that come with most desks, an attractive office table can make a great computer desk. A small folding table set up next to your computer desk can give you additional space for the papers and projects you’re working on. Corner tables add a professional look to your home office and can hold a lamp for extra lighting.

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