About Us

Midwest Office enjoys a long tradition as an independent dealer in the office supply industry. In 1989, DeMarco Office Products was established in Springfield, Illinois under the leadership of Steve DeMarco, who had already been in sales in the industry for nine years. The company originally served as a local sales office with national supply wholesalers over its early years but DeMarco, along with eight other business products professionals, decided to break away in 2000 and formed a new company called Midwest Office Supply. The group brought together 160 years of office supply industry experience and to this day, remains one of the most experienced business product resellers in the nation. Midwest Office continues to enjoy double-digit growth and seeks opportunities to expand into new markets.

Midwest has been successful during the toughest of economic times due to intelligent acquisitions, well-managed customer integration, innovative customer-friendly technology, the largest selections of brand-name products, and our commitment to deliver exceptional services to its customers. With its recent upgrades to a new digital ordering system, Midwest now shares the technological strength of some of the largest companies in the world. Over the past two decades, Midwest has enjoyed success because it has remained committed to its mission:

“To be responsive to customer needs; committed to instituting industry best practices; and prepared to deliver whatever it takes to give customers what they want.”


Company History

For over 20 years, Midwest Office has helped businesses streamline their operations by providing a vast combination of products, services, and solutions that boost overall procurement. With continued expansion throughout the Midwest, Midwest Office has established a brand that is recognizable for being a staple in the community.

  • 1989

    DeMarco Office Products Established

  • 2000

    Midwest Office Supply Established

  • 2013

    Expansion into Missouri

  • 2015

    Expansion into Kansas

  • 2016

    Launch Print & Promotional Product Division

  • 2017

    Development & Launch of Midwest SELECT

With our vision and growth as a company, our leaders have the expertise and insight to stay on top of industry trends.


Steve DeMarco

Chief Executive Officer & President

866-978-5555 ext. 318  sdemarco@midwestoffice.com

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Dave Holmin

Chief Operating Officer

866-978-5555 ext. 313 dholmin@midwestoffice.com

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Jeff DeMarco

Chief Administrative Officer

866-978-5555 ext. 317 jdemarco@midwestoffice.com

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Carolyn Fleischi

Chief Financial Officer

866-978-5555 ext. 320 cfleischli@midwestoffice.com

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